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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” What’s more informative than textual knowledge, more stunning than the prettiest photo and more full of truth than what you see on a travel and living your own experiences?
We often want to save money for what the future unfolds and many people push away their travel plans. While saving is important, you have to know that is also essential that you explore the world. The best investment you can make is the that fills the soul with wealth, to have a lifetime experience and to live to the maximum each moment of a new adventure, the expectation that is felt when you are seeing from the window of an airplane, how new lands keep getting closer, the nerves of going out to that unknown world, to take more photos or to get more information, everything surprises you: the city, the landscapes, the food, the people. So many new things to discover! When you invest in travel, you invest in yourself. You invest in personal growth, mental expansion, cultural appreciation, and a more worldly, well-rounded sense of self. Traveling is worth infinitely more than how much money you put into it. A few years from now you will never remember the cost of what it took to get there but you will always treasure the experience you gained from it.
  But … what are the reasons for traveling to be the best investment? 1-Travel change your perspective of the world. If you closely observe the nature you will agree that it is nothing short of a miracle :  the birds, the animals, the delicate flowers, the tall and snow covered mountains, the majestic waterfalls and everything else on this beautiful planet. 2-Travel makes you modest. The world is an amazing place filled with mysterious places and breathtaking experiences just waiting for exploration. You are just a whisper in a whole concert of new and old sounds, traveling allows you to see how great the world is and how ephemeral your existence is before the majestic Adventure that awaits you.   3-Travel creates lifelong memories. Travelling means dropping some of the securities and comforts you have at home. No matter how luxurious your trip will be. You are going into uncharted territory. You are leaving your comforts for something different. Often when we all think of our fondest memory together with our family or friends most of us will agree that the time we spent with them traveling is priceless. 4-Spend money on experiences, not things. Meeting new people. Experiencing new cultures. It all makes you a more flexible, all-rounded person. You end up understanding that there are endless points of view and endless ways to do things. Let yourself be inspired by the wisdom of the unknown in an once in a lifetime experience.

The adventure of life is to learn.

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