Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Travel Alert


One of the sectors hardest hit by the current crisis, tourism faces the challenge of reopening amid the fear of a rebound, but also the exhaustion generated by the confinement.
The planet seemed to rotate forever, driven more by tourism than by the sun’s own gravity — or perhaps it was that tourism was the new sun. Until the pandemic arrived and it stopped rotating: thousands of places, which previously received openly tourists, are now limited or closed; hundreds of businesses that depended on tourism had to find new ways to provide their services.
Despite the implications that these unprecedented events have brought, for many it has been an opportunity to renew themselves and look in a different way at the experience of traveling and visiting new places that, perhaps, were previously neglected.
The arrival of Covid-19 forced predatory tourism to stop abruptly, this has allowed us to analyze that changing the world by caring for the environment is in our hands. Climate action is a collective commitment to the sustainability of the entire tourism sector and of this world that we love to explore so much.
All of the above announces that the traveler has changed, therefore, tourism changes: travel will stop delving into a culture of exoticization, cultural colonialism and exploitation to become an activity linked to the maintenance of networks of affections and work collaborations, cultural and long-term citizen activism.
We have been fortunate to live in this paradise, Ecuador, full of roads never traveled, which has benefited us with new alternatives for economic growth for local communities that live in the tourism sector, which offer new forms of accommodation and have improved their infrastructures, in order to provide unique experiences without having to mass tourism, thus becoming safe for all visitors.
  • On the one hand we have the Ecuadorian Amazon that gives us the opportunity to have nature at our fingertips in a unique way: unexploited diversity of flora in which we find the origin of ancestral wisdom, a variety of wild fauna that teaches us to live together with respect with everything that surrounds us. The Amazon is definitely the opportunity to be invited to a magical world, full of legends and secrets, which are passed from generation to generation by indigenous peoples, some of them still isolated.
  • In the center of the country, we have the Sierra region, conquered by the Andes mountain range: volcanoes, glaciers, lagoons, mountains and hills surrounded by wonderful landscapes that would take the breath away even the most skeptical. In addition to a variety of cultures that represent our history and continue to keep customs and beliefs alive. This region means the perfect and infinite opportunity to hike, climb and biking, with stops to enjoy the different representative gastronomies of each town and breathe the pure air at each peak.
  • The Ecuadorian coast, with virgin beaches where the sun illuminates its waters at sunset, where surfing, diving and other water sports call us to adventure and the warm sand to relaxation.
  • And finally, the paradise of the Enchanted Islands of Galapagos! where wildlife coexists with visitors without fear: Darwin’s theory in all its splendor. A region in constant evolution, not only in its fauna, but also in its attractions: important coffee, sugarcane and barley plantations have generated new destinations, commerce and experiences.
It is important to point out how important the health, safety and happiness of its clients is for Adventure Journeys, that is why we have worked and are applying biosecurity measures in all our tours, making sure that each adventure is unique and unforgettable.

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