Henry Sisa


I worked as a guide and tour leader until 2014. My expertise as a biologist is in nature, wildlife, culture and specialized in Adventure travel. I founded Adventure Journeys in 2012 with the objetive to deliver real experiences with high quality service level.

Paola Arboleda

Sales Coordinator

I am enthusiastic, charismatic and I live by the motto: Live the Life you Love & Love the Life you Live. Through tourism, I had the chance to visit many wonderful places, but my bucket list is still very long, and of course, it grows every time that I travel somewhere new. I believe in creating value for the organizations I work with; I am keen on including all stakeholders and ensuring long-term success. I value creating sustainable practices, without these, all other success is short-sighted.

Nathali Yapo

Operations Coordinator

I started as a tour guide which gave me experience to share the splendor of Ecuador and our remarkable culture. I have a deep passion to rediscover each magic place that offers me the world; enjoy the connection with nature places, love trekking in our gorgeous mountains and volcanoes.

Amparito Zaruma


I am very glad to be able to support this company and do my best to keep good business and personal relationships. I am also grateful for their opinions and suggestions that will allow me to grow.

Diego Gamboa

Adventure Specialist

A nature lover since I was a child, my main hobbies are mountain biking and discovering new villages and special places in my country. I like nature and urban photography... Ecotourism is a sustainable and environmentally friendly activity!

Juan Pablo Palomeque

Adventure Specialist

I specialized in Tourism Industry all over the world. My vocation is to provide unexpected and unimaginable experiences to travelers. I truly believe that Tourism aline with the contribution for a better world through sustainable development. Protecting the environment, mitigating our impacts as humans and empowering local people has to be essential.

Verónica Pazmiño

Adventure Specialist

I consider myself a very fortunate person to live in a country as beautiful and diverse as Ecuador. I have been blessed to know every corner of my country, and I have visited the enchanting Galapagos Islands several times. With my experience of more than 15 years in tourism, I love to be able to offer new tourists unique experiences in Ecuador and Galapagos, experiences that I know they will enjoy and keep in their hearts forever

Michelle Alvarez

Sales Assistant

Since I was child, I have loved to travel, to know places, people, to learn new things, reason why I decided to study tourism. I am very happy to be part of this great company and contribute so that more people get to know all the wonders that our country Ecuador has to offer

Marketing team

Gabriel Egas

Marketing Coordinator

I am a Growth-focused professional with a special expertise in Travel & Tourism, Events, Sales, Digital Marketing, and Customer Service Strategy. In every engagement, I am guided by the following two principles: Passion for Travel & Marketing

Carlos Luzuriaga


I'm a professional in communication focused mainly on design, video production and photography, my work stands out for creativity and attention to detail. I work with passion and love for what I do

Alexia Salaun

Graphic Design

Copywriter / Community Manager


Jorge Coronel

Adventure Guide

I grew up climbing mountains, swimming in rivers, playing in waterfalls and relaxing on the beach. I am so happy that I can continue doing it, but now it is my job and livelihood of my family and everything in the country that I was born and love, Ecuador.

Gabriel Salas

Adventure Guide

I was born and raise in Santa Cruz, on the Galápagos Islands. Growing up in this paradise made me realize that my kind of work have to be outdoors, enjoying all the nature and the unique animals that we have around. I’m proud to say now that I work as a naturalist guide in my home and I’m in charge to show our guests all the beauty and interesting things that we have on the islands and explain to them the importance of the conservation of nature in the world.

Marcelo Escobar

Adventure Guide

I was born in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. Since a very young age I was able to travel around the country and get to know the climate, food, people, nature, Thanks to all those trips, I learned to love every place in my country.

Fabricio Prado

Adventure Guide

Native from Galápagos, born and raised in San Cristóbal, sorrounded by the wonders of the Galápagos Islands. Since 2008, I am dedicating full time to explore and lead groups with different interests related to nature-oriented trips.

Dagmar Vacas

Adventure Guide

My name is Dagmar I’m native from Santa Cruz Island, since I was a child i really love the nature and the adventure, being a guide of this amazing paradise in which each day is a new experience, is the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m passionate to show it to the people from different part of the word with the idea that they can share their experience about this enchanted islands with their relatives and friends

Diego Muñoz

Adventure Guide

Diego Munoz. National tour guide and passionate about Ecuadorian tourism. I was born in Quito in 1992. One of my missions in life is to provide experiences more than simple trips to travelers in Ecuador. Experiences they will remember forever. I'm specialized on different languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Rodrigo Correa

Adventure Guide

Juan David Mantilla

Adventure Guide

`The adventure life is to learn“, Hello my name is Juan David Mantilla, I have been a tour guide for 17 years. I would like to say that Ecuador is a wonderful country to learn all about identity, customs, traditions. As a tour guide, I enjoy showing customers the beauty of Ecuador’s landscapes, volcanoes, natural and cultural diversity, through trekking, biking, birdwatching, and many more journeys and adventures..