San Cristobal is the capital of Galapagos Islands. Next to Santa Cruz Island, it is the most visited since most commercial flights from the mainland land at its airport.

It is not the largest (that is Isabela) nor the most populated (which is Santa Cruz) but we can say that it is the favorite island of sea lions. There are so many that you will find them on the pier, in the playgrounds, in the restaurants and even sunbathing in a hammock. The island that Charles Darwin first set foot on in the early 19th century is teaming with wildlife, including sharks, birds and the protected giant tortoise.Home to a small town, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, and the Junco Lagoon which has been the object of a study in which the sediments on the bottom of the lake were analyzed to uncover information about the vegetation and climate of the archipelago thousands of years ago.

This Island offers a variety of experiences that will allow you to connect in an amazing and unique way with the soul of our planet – NATURE – intimate contact with wildlife is one of the many reasons to visit San Cristobal.

It should be noted that San Cristobal offers cultural activities every month, despite being a small community. A theater group rehearses regularly on the stage of the Center and painting, dance, music concerts and plays are held. There is a downtown space for temporary art exhibitions in the reception room, as well as a beautiful outdoor theater.

What to visit?

  • Kicker Rock (Sleeping Lion): After a 45-minute boat ride, bordering the north coast of the island, during which you can enjoy the many birds that fly over the rocks; boobies, frigates, and pelicans line this coast due to the abundance of fish. And that is the great attraction of this magical site: the immense variety of marine animals that you will find snorkeling in its waters. In addition to different varieties of fish of innumerable colors, which you will find among the rocks, in the surroundings you can also find numerous larger species; sharks, hammerhead fish, blankets, sea lions.
  • Isla Lobos: A small island northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is home to several sea lions and birdlife. It is in an ideal location to stop and rest after visiting Kicker Rock. It is 850 meters long, with arid vegetation and magnificent beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters. You can see numerous frigates and sea lions on their beaches. In the breeding season, a multitude of boobies flocks to this quiet island to nest their young.
  • Puerto Baquerizo: The capital of the province of Galapagos located southwest of San Cristobal. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is a little more laidback than Puerto Ayora. Here you can watch sea lions lounge on in the middle of the town. Catch marine iguanas on the sea wall. The town also offers some great dining options and is on the list of romantic getaways in the Galapagos. You can also take a walk to Playa Man, a lovely tiny sport in the port city.
  • Cerro Tijeretas: It is called scissors since this is the name by which they commonly refer to frigates. You can get here after a 30-minute walk from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. From the highest part of the viewpoint you will have a spectacular view of the famous Sleeping Lion. It is a magnificent excursion to enjoy a quiet morning and disconnect from the world. Enjoy relaxing strolling, take the opportunity to take a bath in the enabled points, and open your eyes well to not miss any of the species that you will find on your way.

  • Punta Pitt: is the northernmost point of the island of San Cristobal, and very unique space. It is an area of great geological value, formed by the sedimentation of lava of different types, which has given rise to a great variety of very colorful vegetation. If you are a fan of birds, without a doubt Punta Pitt is a place you cannot miss. Both blue-footed, red-footed, common, or different varieties of frigates have their usual residence in that area. Another of the species that is very comfortable in this area are the iguanas, also due to its complex orography. In the rest of the islands, marine iguanas have found many more places to settle. However, in San Cristobal, their settlements have been reduced to small areas to the north, and Punta Pitt is where they are found in greater abundance.
  • Loberia: This sea-lion filled beach is another must-see in San Cristobal. You can spend the day watching baby sea lions play or even swim with the beach’s residents. But if sea lions aren’t your interest, the beach is also home to some fascinating creatures such as iguanas and frigates.

Experience Galapagos Islands from the comfort of a land-based expedition! The islands offer endless opportunities to witness a unique abundance of wildlife in a setting unlike any other on the planet. This is one of the few places on earth that allows such close and intimate contact with wildlife. Galapagos form a natural sanctuary that preserves species, this allowed them to evolve their unique features for countless millennia. 

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