Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Travel Alert


The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis which has impacted many aspects of daily life worldwide. Every country in the world has prohibited leisure travel or closed its borders, preventing us from being able to provide our travelers with the experiences they planned for this year, and leaving us unsure when we may resume the work we love.



(Quito, Pichincha). – National Authorities instructed the Ministry of Health to update the guidelines for entering into continental and insular Ecuador, which come into effect from Friday, February 11, 2022 at 00:01, as follows::

Entry to mainland Ecuador

  1. Any traveler over 3 years of age must present a mandatory vaccination certificate with QR code or COVID-19 vaccination card with at least 14 days of validity after completing the scheme, or a negative result of a qualitative RT-PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to boarding to Ecuador. Passengers under 3 years of age will not present these
  1. In addition, any person who enters mainland Ecuador by international air must present the Digital Traveler’s Health Declaration when boarding the plane, which is available at the following link:, if the platform is not available, you must present a physical form. Travelers who fill out the digital form are no longer required to submit the form at the point of entry to the Ministry of

Entrance to Galapagos

  1. All travelers entering Galapagos, over 3 years of age, must present a mandatory vaccination certificate with QR code or COVID-19 vaccination card with at least 14 days of validity after completing the scheme, or a negative result of a qualitative RT-PCR test performed up to 72 hours prior to boarding to the Galapagos province. Any passenger under 3 years of age will not present these
  1. Additionally, any domestic or foreign tourists entering Galapagos must present, the transit control card, issued by the Governing Council of the Galapagos Special


  1. The only test authorized for entering the country is a qualitative RT-PCR
  1. Any passenger who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and after one month remains positive in a RT-PCR test, must present a medical certificate issued in the country of origin which guarantee the passenger is no longer in a contagious

We will periodically update this information with the latest news in Ecuador. Keep informed!


As a company, we’ve made many difficult decisions since the beginning of this crisis, including the decision to postpone all of our travelers’ adventures planned for these months to protect their health and safety. For the same reason as the world starts to adjust to a new normality, we have adapted the way we do most of our everyday activities and we have implemented new security measures that will be useful to start reactivating tourism in our country.

This challenge has led us to reinvent each process throughout the entire travel experience of our clients, both in domestic flights, ground transportation, accommodation, activities, visit sites, food, etc. Both, we and each service provider must take on new tasks: learning to assess and identify health risks that can pose a danger to travelers.

We have made the necessary adjustments in our operation to provide wider spaces for our clients according to the official recommendations of the health organizations. With the main goal of rebuild travelers’ confidence and sense of security in unique places as the Galapagos Islands, truly believing that this will support them to recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been providing new training for employees on implementing these measures with oversight on execution; areas, reconfiguring public spaces, or limiting the number of customers in various areas.

All standard hygiene and custody procedures will be monitored by our staff and will be strictly carried out by our guides and destination providers. We have stablished a new policy of prohibiting sick employees or employees with symptoms to be part of AJ Staff during the emergency.

The necessary steps during the travel process must be attended before departure rather than upon arrival. Health control measures must be implemented to ensure that passengers have the required authorization to travel between destinations.

We are totally committed to supervise that all the hotels, restaurants, ground transportation services, airlines and airports included in our regular operations have their own health and safety protocols, distancing measures and a rigorous process of observing environmentally friendly actions.

Some new security measures will be implemented and will only be in force for as long as deemed necessary, while other adjustments given the global outlook may become a new operating standard.

Taking into consideration the previously stated, we have decided to put a special emphasis on the following processes to avoid the spread of Covid-19 during our trip operation:

 Hygiene & Disinfection:

• 2 pair of gloves per person/ per day (provided by AJ on destination).
• N95 Face mask per person/ per day (mandatory, passengers must bring them to the country).
• Antiseptic gel dispenser in each car/ mini bus / coach, accommodation, land and sea transportation, restaurants and all places where passengers will have contact with.
• All providers will disinfect transportation, hotel facilities, restaurant facilities and all equipment prior to use (especially mask and snorkel tube), although it would be ideal for each passenger to at least bring their own to avoid any type of contact.

 Social distancing:

• Hotel online check in – prior to arrival in all hotels in mainland and Galapagos.
• Electronic ticket for museums, churches and all entrances that are not included (No need to buy tickets on the destination/ AJ will provide assistance with the online tickets).
• Online INGALA Transit Control Card USD 20 per person/ in cash (Galapagos) – prior departure to the Islands.
• Previous collection of Galapagos National Entrance fee USD 100 per person / in cash (Galapagos) – prior departure to the Islands (No need to pay directly in Galapagos airport- TO BE CONFIRMED with National Park Regulations).
• Web check in in LATAM & AVIANCA Airlines prior traveling to the Galapagos Islands.

Below we will give details of the main aspects in which social distancing will be applied.


• In Galapagos speed boats, water taxis, navigation boats all the crew will use biosafety suits and equipment.
• In Ecuador mainland transportation: Passengers will be seated skipping a place to maintain the distance required.
– 1 to 2 passengers / Guide Driver/ One car.
– 3 to 4 passengers/ Guide Driver / Van (8 pax capacity).
– 5 to 9 passengers/ Guide + Driver / Mini bus (19 pax capacity).
– 10 to 16 passengers/ Guide + Driver/ Coach (32 pax capacity).
– 16 to 20 passengers/ Guide + Driver/ Coach (40 pax capacity).


• Breakfast available in all hotels (room service available) .
• Lunch available (pic nics or box lunches prepared with all health standards and delivered to each client by our guide) and will be taken in separate and safe places in the middle of nature as planned on the itinerary. In few restaurants private service will be offered only for our clients.
• Dinner available in all hotels (room service available)


• All passengers must bring their medications from their countries and avoid acquired them here in Ecuador, specially sea sickness and altitude sickness pills.

 Pre tour Online Briefing (advices of safety protocols for Cov-19 operation)

• All passengers must have an online briefing prior arrival in which guide will explain all the measures they will need to take and things they will need to bring prior arrival in Ecuador. Likewise, the relevant information regarding the trip and changes made due to safety reasons.

 Avoid Gathering:

• All visits planed in the itinerary will be operated in order to avoid the crowded. AJ will take advantage of the country’s geography to develop their activities in open places to make passengers feel secure during the visits.
• Souvenirs and local products needed to be purchased by customers will be presented on a table in hotels with all the security measures for customers to get them. Payments will be assisted by our AJ Staff/ AJ guide and also could be made online with a credit card from the client to AJ to avoid handling and exchanging money with merchants IF required. AJ will be responsible for paying in cash to the vendors who own the products.

Despite the current situation, we remain as passionate about travel as we’ve always been and until we can start exploring again, we will keep working hard to recover all the confidence in our beloved destinations.