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One of the main reasons to visit the Galapagos Islands is always the variety of wildlife you can find. You can expect to be surrounded by a wealth of different species during your visit, on land, in the sea, and of course in the skies. In fact, there are a total of around 140 species of birds that have been registered in the Galapagos. Of those 58 are residential, 76 are migratory, and 6 are introduced. The archipelago is a heaven for bird enthusiasts, mainly because most of them you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Classification of Galapagos’ birdlife

Galapagos birdlife can be classified into 3 main categories:

Sea Birds

The oxygen-rich waters surrounding the Galapagos support an abundant marine population, which supports a variety of seabirds. In the Enchanted Islands, there are the most frequently seen, including two species of the frigate bird, three species of booby, the brown pelican, the red-billed tropicbird, and the flightless cormorant. Also, no marine region would be complete without seagulls, although in the Galapagos there are only two species of gulls, the swallow-tail gull, and the lava gull, and both are endemic to the archipelago. The most surprising seabird represented in the Galapagos is the penguins.

Coastal Birdlife

The coast of the Galapagos Islands serves as home to a diverse group of shorebirds, waders, waterfowl, and lagoon birds. These birds are capable of long-distance flights and are often migratory, they don’t feed out at sea, but find food between the tides, in coastal lagoons, and in ponds near to the highland areas of certain Islands.

Land Birds

There are 29 recognized species of land birds living in the Galapagos Islands and Darwin came close to seeing them all. Land birds from the tropics have little cause to make long flights. And unlike seabirds, land birds are smaller, drabber, and more secretive. It takes more effort, more patience, and more understanding to observe them. In AJ we can help you become your dream true, we have all kinds of tours dedicated to visiting the Galapagos. All of them are completely refundable and flexible to changes and cancellations. Dare to check for yourself the amazing birdlife in the Galapagos. Dare to live!

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