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Conscious travel it’s the way to give meaning to your travels, and in that way enhance the lives of the people in your destination. An ethical trip is where you learn about the culture, like simple phrases in that language, and consume locally all the way.

Advantages of adopting a ‘conscious travel’ mindset

  • It helps the local economy
The money you spend goes to the community. That’s why you should buy gifts and shop at local markets, eat at local restaurants, and stay in locally-owned accommodations instead of big hospitality chains.
  • It allows you to understand better your destination
When you dive into the culture you learn about traditions, interact with the locals, and learn what is important to them.
  • It changes your perspective of the world
Conscious travel is a mindset that would extend your experiences into your everyday life, mainly if you created relationships with the local people during your trip, as you will stay connected and continue to share what you learned.

Ecuador’s options

When you travel consciously, you fully connect with the place and people you meet along the way. On one side, you take every new place as something to learn from and be more thankful for what Earth gives to us every day. On the other side, you connect with people because you want to learn from them and their culture, and in the way, you help with their economy. In Ecuador, there’s so much natural and cultural diversity that you can practice conscious travel everywhere. Adventure Journeys has its own way to create conscious travel, with these sustainable projects included as part of our tours:
  • Sacha Warmikuna: We help improve the quality of life of women in Pijal through its revitalization, community development, and from a sociocultural perspective. You can visit Pijal’s women in your adventure with us and be part of their reactivation, just ask us about it!
  • Pan Animalia: We create awareness about the best way to look after domesticated animals in Galapagos, so they are not a threat to the endemic wildlife. If you are an animal lover and want to know the project you can let us know so we arrange a visit as part of your trip with us!
We believe that when tourism is done right it creates a positive change in the world, which is why we promote conscious travel in each adventure we create. Contact us here if you are a conscious traveler visiting Ecuador.

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